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Business Aircraft Charters

Cost effective business air charters…

As the old adage says, time is money and there is little doubt that private jet charters are the more efficient way to travel. When you book with Edwards Aviation Australia, they are also the most cost effective as the fleet of private jets is very fuel-efficient. You will arrive at your destination with the lightest of impacts on your time and budget.

Lower cost executive air charters

Our fleet of air charter jets have achieved record fuel efficiency numbers, allowing us to offer executive jet charter services at a lower cost than other major carriers. With private jet charters there are no unnecessary delays, no missed flights when meetings overrun, no time-wasting connections and none of the frustration and outright mind-numbing boredom of waiting around in airport terminals.

Time-saving jet charters

Our private jet charter end-to-end service help ensure that your business travel is as efficient as possible and will allow you to simply step into the jet, and find that every detail has been taken care of in advance. Use this valuable time to revise your presentation, hold important meetings, catch up on work or plan your business strategies.

In-the-air services for business travellers

We understand that having the right environment and the right tools available is essential for business. Fly with us and you will have access to ergonomic, fully adjustable seating, pull-out workspaces and complimentary catering and customised catering on request. Our attentive yet unobtrusive private jet charter service will allow you to hold meetings or work uninterrupted.

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