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Business and Corporate Charter

Chartering an aircraft can help your business to minimise time spent away and maximise productivity when you need to travel. Edwards Aviation understands the varying requirements of business and government departments, where busy work schedules and coordinating multiple personnel can quickly become a logistical challenge. For over 15 years we have been providing efficient, safe and reliable services to the business community across the country and can help your organisation to get the most out of their travel.

  • Adjust your flight schedule to match your work and meeting schedule
  • Discuss important matters in the privacy of your own aircraft
  • Professional crew and staff ensures business confidentiality
  • Visit multiple locations in the same day
  • Operations support can organise accommodation, hire cars and transfers
  • Visit work sites and locations not served by airlines
  • Be home the same night instead of waiting for airline flights
  • Reduce the risk of airline connections and delays affecting your work schedule
  • Postpone or extend your trip as your business plans change
  • Provide a safe, fast and luxurious travel option for your valued clients

Contact us now, or call Brad Edwards, Chief Pilot, on 1800 747 800 to discuss how Edwards Aviation can help your business today.