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VIP Aircraft Charters

Edwards Aviation specialises in VIP aircraft charter and provides an industry-leading service to many VIP clients, including government dignitaries, business leaders, philanthropists and sports, music and media personalities. Our VIPs often have complex, dynamic itineraries and only private jet charters have the flexibility and speed to keep up with such demanding schedules. Our fleet of charter jets have well-appointed, spacious cabin layouts with comfortable leather seating and lavatory facilities on selected jets. Our professional staff ensure the utmost discretion is maintained at all times, allowing you or your client to relax in peace and comfort.

  • Choose your own departure or arrival time
  • Adjust your schedule to match your itinerary
  • Private hire cars can often drive directly to the aircraft
  • Private lounge facilities keep VIPs away from the crowds
  • 24hr support staff help coordinate all transfers
  • Professional and respectful crew provide safe, efficient and reliable flights
  • Real-time flight tracking for tour managers and assistants
  • All staff adhere to a customer confidentiality and privacy policy
  • Aircraft can often park away from public view for ultimate privacy

Jet charters allow you the flexibility of flying to your timetable whether your meeting, event is delayed or the venue has changed. Private jet charters also eliminate delays at check-in and have direct, non-stop flights at airports closest to your destination. We ensure that your flight is as seamless and effortless as possible and provide complete premium service for our VIP clients.


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