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Safety First With Private Charter Flights

Thinking about chartering private charter flights? Put your life in the hands of experienced charter jet captains…

Brad Edwards is the owner/operator and chief pilot of Edward Aviation, a premium private charter flights company, since its inception in 2003. He started flying gliders at 11 years of age in 1965 and flying solo at the early age of 15. By the age of 16, he had an instructor rating.

Brad started flying aeroplanes in 1969 and has flown charter jets since 2001. He has flown gliders competitively, becoming Australian Gliding Champion 5 times and World Gliding Champion on one occasion, with many additional state titles to his name.

Michael has been flying commercially for 9 years. Prior to employment with Edwards Aviation, he spent 2 years working for Armidale Airways in formation flying, flying charter jets and conducting flying training.

He spent a further 2 years flying out of Darwin for Helimuster and Chartair, in remote area charters and a variety of aerial work operations such as aerial incendiary work and fire spotting. Michael commenced employment at Edwards Aviation in 2005.

Our company line jet captains are specialised in flying private jet charters and have in excess of 2500 hours on type. Edward Aviation has developed a reputation for safety and professionalism due to the decades of experience in the aviation industry. Put your life in the hands of experienced charter jet captains and contact us to find out more about private charter flights.