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Air Charter Service – Five Important Considerations

When you are deciding on which air charter companies & operators to use for your exclusive jet charter service there are a few vital questions to ask before you take to the skies…

With private jet charter, you are paying for a premium service so it’s important you do proper research on who is the best air charter company for your needs before boarding the plane. Although private jet prices are an important consideration for your flight charter, it shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor. Here are five important things to consider when choosing air charter operators or an air charter service without compromise on safety and quality.

Reputation of the air charter company

The internet may provide you with extensive information about the air charter operator or companies you are researching. One of the many benefits of hiring jet charter companies is the privacy and discretion you are afforded so you may have to ask the company for any testimonials as they may not be listed on their website. Ask friends, family or business associates whether they have hired a jet charter service and for plane charter referrals. Your air charter company should come well recommended and have a good reputation within the aircraft charter industry.

Experience and safety standards

Look for private jet charter companies that have an excellent safety record, maintain high standards of safety in accordance to their national civil aviation body, have a wealth of experience flying jet charter planes and receive regular training. Clarify their safety procedures and ask about their insurance policies. Reputable air jet charter companies should display their certification and safety procedures on their website.

Quality of service

If you wish to use a plane charter service that provides a sophisticated service in luxurious surroundings, you have every right to ask what you can expect to receive from your flight charter from the staff and the cabin layout to the services you will receive. Look for an air charter company who is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can provide a premium end-to-end service including in-flight catering, ground transportation, car hire and accommodation.

Competitive rates

The next step is to ensure that the price of your air charter is reasonable for the services that are being provided. Remember that you are paying for an executive jet charter so you need to ensure you will receive the quality levels that the money reflects. Compare prices and services with other air charter services and make sure you always get a written quote from the jet charter and read their terms and conditions before flying.


Press the company for details on any limitations on routes that they may have in place and confirm that the air charter service you require will be able to travel to your desired destination. Ideally, you are looking for a private jet charter company who is flexible and tailors flights to single as well as multiple destinations. The size of private jets allows them to fly into most regional airfields around the country, many of which are not serviced by scheduled jet services.

From finding the right company, ensuring the air charter provider will supply you with everything you require on board to finding out the price, confirming your destination and the experience of your pilot, you should now be ready to take to the skies and have full confidence in the company you have chosen.

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