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Why charter an aircraft with Edwards Aviation?

Private aircraft charter offers many benefits over the use of scheduled services. Imagine stepping onto your own private plane with no crowds at the airport, no long queues to navigate and flying in absolute luxury.

There are many reasons why private aircraft charter is the preference for our long list of established clients. These include:

  • Choice of departure time, 365 days a year
  • Ability to fly directly between locations, minimising travel time
  • Charter aircraft can use a huge number of airports that airlines cannot
  • Fast, hassle-free transfer on departure and arrival
  • Discuss private matters and business on the way
  • Ability to amend departure times at short notice
  • Add or remove stops on your trip at short notice
  • Carry significantly more baggage than airlines allow
  • Personal meal and beverage requests can be met
  • Fly above the weather in safe, fast, luxurious aircraft
  • Aircraft and pilots are allocated exclusively to your flight
  • Operations support to help organise any aspect of your trip
  • Rapid response times to last-minute enquiries
  • Avoid the stress and hassle of airport transfers and connecting flights
  • Use private lounges at major airports
  • Meet special requests such as carrying pets or extra baggage
  • Enjoy tailored service from a company that prides itself on taking the utmost care of its passengers

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