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Cessna Citation 650

Cessna Citation 650

We offer flexible air charter solutions to our established client base of dignitaries, Federal and State Government officials, high profile executives, professional athletes, entertainers, mining organisations and medical and human repatriation agencies who demand a high level of discretion and confidentiality.

Air Charter Reviews

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Roy Powell from The Men’s Shed was expecting to fill two planes when he took bookings for an Edwards Aviation chartered flight to Lake Eyre, but after ‘non-stop’ phone calls, he ended up filling five.

The flights enabled passengers to access parts of Lake Eyre that would otherwise have been inaccessible to them.

The Lake Eyre trips became possible thanks to a team effort by Edwards Aviation and the Armidale AM Rotary Club. Passengers enjoyed the wellknown vastness of Lake Eyre with its varying pastel shades, and Cooper Creek.

The small planes offered the comfort and flexibility of the Conquest aircraft, which can fly at ground speeds of more than 600 kilometres per hour. The planes can cruise above the lake and the landscape as low as 500 feet. One traveller said, ‘this has changed my perspective on air travel, and only necessity will put me back onto commercial flights’.

The charter flights also featured ground tours under the guidance of Reg Dodd, an elder of the Arabunna people. Mr Dodd provided an exceptional insight into the land, the indigenous culture and the history of the remote places around Marree and Lake Eyre.

The success of the five flights has prompted talk of future travels.“We will certainly support any future flights,” Mr Powell said.

Edwards Aviation has had many interesting and often quite complimentary articles published about our operation over the years.  A selection of our reviews will be available via a planned update of this page.

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