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Aircraft Charter Specials

Searching for the best aircraft charter deals & specials…

Our private aircraft charter planes are routinely flying throughout Australia and the Pacific Region and they are sometimes only booked one way. This means that we have aircraft moving from point to point unoccupied and creating what is called an “empty leg”. And, often they are travelling to, or from, popular business and leisure locations.

This can present a terrific opportunity for you and your clients, colleagues, friends and family to take advantage of the benefits of a private aircraft charter service – at considerably less than the normal cost. An ‘empty leg’ doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg to take advantage of our luxury jet charters services.

From time to time, we have also have air charter packages, last minute aircraft charters and other special offers and promotions. These promotions represent a great saving when your schedule and the aircraft schedule happen to align – all with the premium, award-winning service that Edwards Aviation provides.

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