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Charter Cessna Citation 650

Cessna Citation 650 business jet for top value aircraft charters in Australia…

The Citation VII comfortably seats 7 passengers. With its 1.73m (68 inches) of headroom that goes the entire length of the 5.6m (18.5ft) cabin and its spacious baggage area, the Citation VII jet allows you to take more people with more baggage to more places.

Passengers Seating for up to 7 passengers plus 2 pilots
Cruising Speed 470kt (870km/h – 540m/h)
Maximum Altitude 51,000 feet
Range 1800nm (3300km – 2070miles)
Luggage Storage Max 181kg (400lb)
Refreshment Centre Complimentary beverages and catering, tea and coffee, pull out tables.
Aircraft Systems TCAS traffic avoidance system, enhanced ground proximity warning system, flight management system, autopilot, two independent GPS navigation systems, weather radar.
Exterior White with gold silver and grey stripes
Interior Interior completed in beige leather seats with fawn carpet and headliner. Interior includes aft baggage compartment, and aft LH toilet.